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So one day I decided, it's time to decide something. With this decision came implications of the choice which resulted in consequences. Consequences that nobody could have forsaw. And by the time I realised this it was already too late. The consequences were so gross that I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from vomiting. I need to have dinner!

ornate lasagne nice!

So I wanted to have some lasagne but I wasn't sure what to use for ingredients. Ended up using ornates! Mint!

Oracle lynching nasals

  • Primarch Denzel Campbell

    will be happy to know that he has escapted murder charges laid against him today.
  • Infinite Sheldon

    Rumours about famous cat "Zazzles" fly freely across a grassy field.
  • Urn rat molester

    Police are investigated a molester of rat urns.
  • Portable Leech semen

    Doctors have discovered a new cure for everything through leeches.